Proponents of gun confiscation now have a powerful ally: California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Not being content with merely wrecking California's ammunition market, Gov. Newsom has indicated he will likely sign legislation expanding so-called "Red Flag" laws.

These laws come in the form of:

AB 12: Increases the duration of a Gun Violence Restraining Order


AB 61: Authorizes an employer, co-worker, or teacher to file a GVRO against you

Unfortunately, these twin gun confiscation bills are currently working their way through the Legislature.

As FPC has cautioned many times, GVROs violate the due process rights of gun owners by allowing a petitioner to request that ALL your firearms be taken away - even if you have not been convicted of a crime.

What's more, once your guns have been confiscated, California's GVRO scheme essentially requires you to "prove" that you are NOT a danger to yourself or others. In the most insulting twist, some California politicians have already argued that merely being in possession of a firearm and ammunition makes you a threat and deserving of disarmament!

AB 12 and AB 61 need to be stopped before they make it even easier to disarm law-abiding Californians than the already dangerous and abusive current system does.

Unless we can stop AB 12 and AB 61 from reaching Gov. Newsom's desk, both will likely be signed into law, further endangering the fundamental rights of California gun owners.

Gov. Newsom doesn't think you should own guns, and AB 12 and AB 61 are his excuses to take them away. Donate NOW and make sure this tyrant governor can't sign them!