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Opinion: Columnist attacks Obama’s stance on gun control

Susan Stamper Brown for reports: President Obama told the BBC he’s “stymied” because he’s not gotten his way regarding gun control –yet…Obama’s upset more Americans don’t agree with his definition of “common sense” gun control. If Pew Research is correct, a majority of us... Read More
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ATF says gun production has increased “140 percent” under Obama’s administration

AWR Hawkins for Breitbart News reports: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is reporting that gun production has more than doubled during the Obama presidency, increasing “140 percent.” This jump is based on 2013 production numbers, which is the most recent year... Read More
Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks during a rally at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner, Louisiana, Sunday, July 26, 2015. (Photo:

Bernie Sanders calls for “common sense” gun laws

Kevin McGill for the Associated Press reports: Sen. Bernie Sanders wrapped up a weekend campaign swing in Louisiana with a typically fiery speech railing against income inequality and touching on issues of racism and criminal justice during a rally that drew close to 4,000 people... Read More
Handgun Lafayette shooting spurs gun control debate reports: The Lafayette theater shooting is sparking arguments over gun control once again and whether more laws are needed to prevent such tragedies. Violence Policy Center Executive Director Josh Sugarman says we need stronger gun laws so that Americans can feel safe going about... Read More
An unnamed 15-year-old was arrested for aggravated assault, while his friend went to the hospital with a gunshot wound. (Photo: WDSU)

New Orleans homeowner defends daughter, shoots burglar

Andy Cunningham for WDSU News reports: A suspect was shot Wednesday during a burglary at a home in New Orleans East, police say. The New Orleans Police Department responded to a call of a shooting about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday at a home in the 6700... Read More