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NOTE: For all "Bullet Button/Assault Weapon" Regulations, please click here. This page is for ALL other firearms related regulations.

Update 7 - 1/31/18:  The California Department of Justice has just released regulations relating to AB 857 and unserialized firearms. You can view them here

Our legal team is busy analyzing these and we will provide more information soon. In the meantime, ensure they are fully funded by donating to support our Regulatory Watch Program here

Update 6 - 12/7/17: Following a PRA sent in by FPC's Regulatory Watch Team, The Office of Administrative Law (OAL) sent FPC all of the public records relating to the recently proposed ammunition vendor regulations. This document has been broken up into three separate documents. The first document contains our initial request followed by emails between OAL and the Department of Justice (DOJ), which you can view here. The second document is the "Final Rulemaking Package" regarding ammunition vendor licensing submitted by DOJ to OAL, which you can view here. Finally, the third document is the text of the regulations and any associated forms, which you can view here

Update 5 - 7/24/17: CA DOJ has just released regulations to implement privacy notices on many of their existing firearms forms. This will bring them into compliance with California Civil Code 1798.17, which has existed since 1985. That means the forms being updated have been out of compliance with a 32 year old law! Unbelievable, but par for the course when dealing with DOJ. You can view DOJ's document here.  

Update 4 - 7/20/17: You can read FPC's press release on DOJ's email here

Update 3 - 7/19/17: DOJ must be paying attention as they have seemed to respond to the letter FPC delivered on the 17th of July. At 4:51PM today, DOJ emailed their regulatory list (which they had initially failed to do) that the hearing for public comment had been pushed back to a later date to allow more time for the public to weigh in. Additionally, DOJ updated the web address in their notice that previously forwarded to an unrelated page.

While this is not a roll back of the regulations, we cannot even start to beat DOJ until they begin to follow the law. This is a step in the right direction. 

Update 2 - 7/17/17: The California Department of Justice has just submitted regulations for "Ammunition Vendors." These regulations seek to impose a $198 annual fee on ammunition vendors that are not FFLs.

These are over two weeks late, which puts many businesses in jeopardy as they need to apply before the first of the year. By the time they are approved by the Office of Administrative Law, ammo businesses may only have weeks left to apply. DOJ should have had these regulations ready to go in early 2017.   

Additionally, DOJ had produced these regulations on or before July 4th. So, once again, DOJ has been hiding public regulations from us and YOU for at least 10 days as they finally updated the regulations on their website today. Our response to DOJ and OAL can be found here

The regulations can be viewed here. You can also view the draft initial license form and renewal form. DOJ's initial statement of reasons can be viewed here. You can read our press release here.    

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Update 1 - 7/1/17: The CA Department of Justice has failed to release regulations for "Ammunition Vendors" by today's deadline. That means many businesses will be put in unnecessary danger simply because DOJ has failed to do their job.