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Bookmark this page ( — we will continue to update THIS post with new information about the ban on "Bullet Button Assault Weapons", including DOJ regulations, as it becomes available.

Update 9 - 2/10/17 - The Department of Justice has WITHDRAWN their proposed regulations! DOJ will still have to issue regulations at some point, possibly emergency regulations to bypass the process. Help us fight them by clicking here



Update 8 – 1/4/17 – DOJ Bureau of Firearms currently has this notice highlighted on their website: UPDATE AS OF JANUARY 4, 2017: The ability to register an Assault Weapon pursuant to Assembly Bill 1135 and Senate Bill 880, is not yet available. Pursuant to AB 1135 and SB 880, Assault Weapon registration regulations must be effective before any registrations can take place. At this time, the regulations are still pending, however they should be effective in the very near future. Please continue to check the Bureau of Firearms website for updates


Update 7 – 12/30/16 – Here’s another gem: “If the firearm has been modified or reconfigured to no longer meet the definition of assault weapon, one or more photographs clearly depicting the firearm in its current configuration shall be attached to the written deregistration request. Additional information, photographs, or inspection may be requested by the Department before determining eligibility for deregistration.”

Update 6 – 12/30/16 – Apparently, once a firearm is a “Bullet-Button Assault Weapon,” you’re stuck with it unless you reconfigure the firearm and de-register it as an AW: “The release mechanism for an ammunition feeding device on an assault weapon registered pursuant to Penal Code section 30900, subdivision (b)(1) shall not be changed after the assault weapon is registered.”

Update 5 – 12/30/16 – Photos will be required for AW registrations through CFARS: “Clear digital photos of firearms listed on the application. One photo shall depict the bullet-button style magazine release installed on the firearm. One photo shall depict the firearm from the end of the barrel to the end of the stock if it is a long-gun or the point furthest from the end of the barrel if it is a pistol. The other two photos shall show the left side of the receiver/frame and right side of the receiver/frame. These locations are typically where firearms are marked when manufacturing is complete. At the discretion of the Department the last two photos shall be substituted for photos of identification markings at some other locations on the firearm.”

Update 4 – 12/30/16 – According to the document, “Assault Weapon registrations must be filed electronically using the Department’s California Firearms Application Reporting System (CFARS), at the following website:“. Also, “The Department will not register a firearm as an assault weapon unless the firearm is fully assembled and fully functional.”

Update 3 – 12/30/16 – The proposed regulations filed with OAL for “Bullet Button Assault Weapons” can be viewed at this link.

Update 2 – 12/30/16 – Sources say that the new “assault weapon” registration will be through the DOJ’s California Reporting Information System (CRIS). According to DOJ, the “Benefits of Using CRIS” include that users can “report your firearms through an online application form using the internet which will eliminate the need to mail the application to DOJ and save time,” pay by “Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover,” and upload attachments like “Firearm receipts, pictures of the firearm, police reports, or other documents that may be helpful for DOJ staff to process your application.”

Update 1 – 12/30/16 – DOJ has informed us that the regulations are being reviewed at OAL. According to OAL, the proposed regulations would alter Title 11 of the California Code of Regulations by adding sections 5470, 5471, 5472, 5474, 5474.1, 5474.2, 5475, 5476, 5477, 5478, and by amending existing sections 5469 and 5473.

12/30/16 – FPC has confirmed that the California Department of Justice has filed with the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) new proposed regulations on “Bullet-Button Assault Weapons”.