SACRAMENTO, CA (July 17, 2017) — Today, the California Department of Justice (DOJ) posted new proposed regulations for ammunition vendor licensing that are required by Proposition 63 after they were actually due under the laws that were passed last year. So far, Attorney General Xavier Becerra is following in the footsteps of his predecessor, now-Senator Kamala Harris, in failing to comply with the legal process or statutory deadlines.

“Of all the regulations that DOJ is supposed to create from the deluge of gun control legislation in 2016, these would appear to be among the most straightforward to accomplish,” said Craig J. DeLuz, spokesperson for the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC). “DOJ knew last year that these required regulations had a hard deadline so that businesses could begin applying for ammunition vendor licenses on July 1 of this year. There is no excuse for them being this late.”

FPC’s review of the new DOJ regulations is part of their ongoing “California DOJ Regulatory Watch Program”, which was established to hold the state accountable for their implementation of various anti-Second Amendment legislation. At and its companion page,, FPC tracks every move made by the CA DOJ’s rulemaking process. FPC’s goal is to ensure that the regulations proposed by this process are legal and fair. FPC has so far been successful in repeatedly thwarting DOJ’s attempts to create law by executive fiat under the guise of the regulatory process.

Following DOJ’s numerous prior attempts at hiding firearm regulations from the public, DeLuz and FPC recently filed a legal action against DOJ (DeLuz, et al. v California Department of Justice) in order to ensure that DOJ complies with the California Constitution and Public Records Act.

“This is just the most recent event in a series of regulatory failures, demonstrating that DOJ is either incompetent or is deliberately manipulating the process to obscure it from public comment, or both,” said DeLuz. “Those who have taken an oath to enforce the law must also follow the law. And the DOJ has proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted. So, we’re keeping an eye on them.”