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Legal Action Hotline

If you would like to report a possible civil rights violation, please feel free to send us a message using the form here or call our toll-free Legal Action Hotline at (855) 252-4510. The primary objective of the Hotline and our legal action programs is to find legally-significant issues and bring cases that defend and advance fundamental rights and individual liberty. Because of the time it takes to review complex legal issues, please be cautious if you submit a report regarding or request a review of an issue with a deadline, like a hearing, court date, or statute of limitations. You should continue to seek legal assistance elsewhere while we review your report. Because we have limited resources, we cannot guarantee that we will provide you with legal support, representation, or advice once we have evaluated the issue or reached a decision.

K-12 Speech Guide

In our K-12 Speech Guide, we encourage learning about our uniquely American Constitution and your individual rights, provide relevant information and legal background, answer some of the most common questions, and include some useful tools (like sample letters) to help students and parents exercise their First Amendment rights to defend and promote the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. 

Public Records & Research

Below are links to some FPC/FPF research and records requests.

FPF FOIA Request to ATF regarding "bumpstocks"

Carlsbad (NM) Schools

Will Riley, a former Carlsbad High School student in New Mexico, alleged he was bullied and threatened by the school's principal while organizing a May 2 pro-Second Amendment student walkout. In response to this situation, Firearms Policy Coalition and Firearms Policy Foundation initiated a Public Records Act request for documents to shed light on the school's policies, procedures, and practices as they pertain to student speech, expressive conduct, and disciplinary procedures, as well as information on topics such as the Second Amendment, free speech, gun control and other related concerns. 

Records from Government Agencies re: Code Is Free Speech / Defense Distributed

Summary: Request for records sent to various government officials and agencies relating to Code Is Free Speech /, Defense Distributed, etc.

Records from California Dept. of Justice regarding firearm serial numbers