On June 26th, the California Office of Administrative Law rejected the Department of Justice's second set of proposed "Bullet Button Assault Weapons" regulations that were submitted under the OAL's 'file & print' process. (Basically, the DOJ asked for them to become law without any public notice or comment, as would be required for proposed rulemakings under the Administrative Procedures Act.) 

Your Firearms Policy Coalition sent 2 letters opposing the regulations (and the DOJ's attempt to unlawfully back-door these regulations into law by executive fiat).

Here are 5 things that all California gun owners (and gun-owning visitors) need to know following this latest development:

1. The ban on so-called "assault weapons" is still the law. You can find the relevant "assault weapon" ban statutes at Cal. Penal Code Section 30500, et seq.

2. The existing "assault weapons" regulations are still the law. You can find the current firearm regulations at Chapter 5 of Title 11 of the California Code of Regulations.

3. The Legislature just extended the deadline to register "assault weapons" to July 1, 2018 -- meaning the registration deadline is not January 1, 2018.

4. The DOJ can (and probably will) resubmit these same or very similar regulations in a regular rulemaking action -- or possibly even "emergency regulations" -- under the Administrative Procedures Act.

5. We still need all hands on deck to deal with many more rounds of California gun regulations -- including for "assault weapons", ammunition, and "ghost guns" / forced serialization. 

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