The committee and fiscal cutoff date has passed in the Washington State Legislature and we’re kicking butt!

I have some great news for you. Any bill that hasn’t been voted on by now in committee is dead for this legislative session.

Thanks to your work and support all “Assault Weapons” bills, including HB 1387 which would have created an “assault weapons registry”, as well two outright bans (HB 1134 & SB 5050) have died in committee.

We now have 7 noteworthy bills left that have made it past the deadline:

HB 1100 – (Support) Renewal notice for CPL holders

HB 1122 – (Oppose) Felony for adults whose child or teenager is hurt with a firearm or commits suicide or a criminal act

HB 1270 – (Support) Tax exemption for trigger locks

HB 1501 – (Support if Amended) Investigation of denied firearms purchases and notification of certain victims. This bill would be supportable if it included a “personal firearms eligibility check”

SB 5506 – (Support) Firearms transfers for non-profit fundraising

SB 5552 – (Support as Amended) I-594 Exemptions. This bill was just amended with FPC-sponsored amendments to expand exemptions to I-594.

SB 5557 – (Support) Tax exemption for clay targets

Please click on the links above to take action on these specific bills and contact your representatives.

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