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Washington SB 5552– Firearms Sales and Transfers

Position: Support 
Author: Sen. Jamie Pedersen (D - 43) P: (360) 786 - 7628
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  • ESSB 5552 adopted the following reforms on firearms transfers as of 02/23/2017:

    • Restores the ability of  federally licensed collectors of curios and relics to conduct normal activities under federal guidance when the item is defined as a curio or relic under the federal law   
    • Restores the ability of licensed security guards and business employees to conduct normal business                                                             
    • Expands the extremely narrow definition of “family member” for the purposes of transfers  
    • Exempts transfers for prevention of suicide and self-inflicted bodily injury     
    • Exempts transfers when in presence of the owner      


You can read FPC's Position Letter HERE and the revised letter 02/24/2017 HERE

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