The 2017 Washington Legislative Session wrapped up on April 23rd and the results are very very good.

We are still waiting on the Governor to decide on a few measures like SB 5552 , but the Governor has no bad bills on his desk.

We started the year off tracking over two dozen bills and high profile politicians screaming for gun bans! Many of these measures would have tracked, banned, registered and licensed gun owners or their firearms and even magazines!

With the unified front of gun rights organizations and their membership, we successfully stalled out all of these measures… for now.

All of these measures have been kept alive by moving them over to a special session, which is supposed to be for the Legislature to complete the state budget.

FPC will be monitoring this session closely to make sure that these measures remain stalled and not revived from the dead in this special session.

Thank you for all you do and all of the support you give, the e-mails you send and the calls you dial to make this happen. We didn't get all of what we wanted this year, but the elitists who wanted to take your guns have been thwarted one more time!

Please consider chipping in to support our legislative advocacy program in order to allow us to do even more.