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Summary: Federal lawsuit challenging ATF/President Trump's ban on "bump stock" devices by executive fiat 

Plaintiffs: Damien Guedes, Firearms Policy Foundation, Madison Society Foundation, Florida Carry, Inc., Missouri state Rep. Shane Roden

Defendants: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF); ATF Acting Director Regina Lombardo (by substitution; previously Thomas Brandon); Attorney General Monty Wilkinson (by substitution; previously Matthew Whitaker and William Barr); the United States of America

Litigation Counsel: Joshua Prince, Esq. (FPF/Guedes plaintiffs) - Civil Rights Defense Firm, P.C.Adam Kraut, Esq. (FPF/Guedes plaintiffs) - Civil Rights Defense Firm, P.C.Erik Jaffe (FPF/Guedes plaintiffs) - Schaerr-Jaffe LLP

Docket: D. DC case no. 1:18-cv-02988 , DC Circuit case no. 21-5045 | CourtListener Docket

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Key Case Filings & Updates:

Court of Appeals (Merits)

District Court (Merits)


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Prior / Interlocutory Actions & Events

2020-3-2: Petition for Certiorari on interlocutory appeal denied; Statement of Justice Gorsuch

2019-12-19: FPF, et al. submit reply brief in support of petition for certiorari with the United States Supreme Court

2019-12-4: Federal Government's Response Brief in Opposition filed

2019-10-4: Amicus briefs in support of petition filed

2019-10-2: Amicus briefs in support of petition filed

2019-8-29: FPF, et al. submit petition for certiorari with the United States Supreme Court

2019-6-17: FPF, et al. submit application to U.S. Supreme Court, Circuit Justice Roberts for extension of time to file a petition for writ of certiorari in Guedes, et al. v. BATFE (bumpstock ban challenge)

2019-4-5 UPDATE 2: If a person wishes to turn in their affected bumpstock device, Chief Counsel Joshua Prince of Firearms Industry Consulting Group, who is representing Firearms Policy Foundation and numerous other plaintiffs in Guedes, et al. v. ATF, et al., suggests that individuals surrender the item under protest to preserve your rights. You can read more about that process at the FICG website here. We will continue to aggressively litigate this case and work to defend American gun owners from this unconstitutional and unlawful ban mandated by President Donald Trump.

2019-4-5 UPDATE 1: The Supreme Court has denied the latest stay application. (Justices Thomas and Gorsuch would have granted.) We are in the process of requesting a stay from the D.C. Circuit and will seek en banc rehearing.

2019-4-3 UPDATE 2: Link to U.S. Supreme Court docket for application for stay

2019-4-3 UPDATE 1: We have filed a second stay application with Chief Justice Roberts

2019-4-1 UPDATE 1: The D.C. Circuit has ruled 2-1 against the Guedes et al. appellants, with a strong dissent by Judge Henderson. Opinion here. We will post updates and developments here.

2019-3-28 UPDATE 1: The Supreme Court has denied a second stay application. Their denial does not change the stay currently in effect under FPF/Guedes v. BATFE.

2019-3-26 UPDATE 1: Chief Justice Roberts denied the stay application. Statement here. will continue to Follow the latest developments here at and on Twitter at @gunpolicyfdn and @gunpolicy. Members of the news media seeking statements or interviews should contact us here.

2019/3/25 UPDATE 2: Our attorneys have sought and have filed an Emergency Stay Application with the U.S. Supreme Court. Link to Application is below. Follow the latest developments here at and on Twitter at @gunpolicyfdn and @gunpolicy. Members of the news media seeking statements or interviews should contact us here.

2019/3/25 UPDATE 1: This morning the U.S. DOJ filed brief arguing that Members of Firearms Policy Foundation who own/possess bump-stock-type devices are currently protected by the D.C. Circuit's administrative stay of the ATF's bumpstock ban Final Rule. To become a member and Join FPF please donate $1 or more at or

2019-8-29: Petition for CertiorariAppendix; News Release

2019-4-5: Stay denied by the Supreme Court. (Justices Thomas and Gorsuch would have granted.)

2019-4-3: Application for Stay Pending Petition for Writ of Certiorari

2019-4-1: D.C. Circuit Opinion; Judgment & Order

2019-3-26: ATF Final Rule takes effect except for those individuals subject to stay orders and members of Firearms Policy Foundation, et al.

2019-3-25: Application for Emergency Stay from Circuit and Chief Justice John Roberts, U.S. Supreme Court (no. 18A964)

2019-3-25: D.C. Circuit Order on Emergency Motion

2019-3-25: Appellants' Reply in Support of Emergency Motion

2019-3-25: Government Respondents' Opposition to Emergency Motion

2019-3-24: Appellants' Emergency Joint Motion to Amend Stay Order

2019-3-23: D.C. Circuit Per Curiam Order Staying Enforcement, etc.

2019-3-22: Oral Arguments held at the D.C. Circuit (9:30am ET) - Transcript of HearingAudio

2019-3-15: Appellant Guedes, et al. (no. 19-5042) Reply Brief filed

2019-3-15: Appellant FPC's (no. 19-5043) Reply Brief filed

2019-3-14: Appellants Codrea, et al.'s (no. 19-5044) Reply Brief filed

2019-3-13: Amicus brief of Giffords Law Center in support of the Trump Bumpstock Ban

2019-3-13: Government Appellees' Brief; Addendum

2019-3-11: Amicus brief of New Civil Liberties Alliance and W. Clark Aposhian in support of Appellants Guedes et al. (12-5042)

2019-3-11: Amicus brief of Morton Rosenberg in support of Appellant FPC (12-5043)

2019-3-11: Amicus brief of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and Former Government Ethics Officials in support of Appellant FPC (12-5043)

2019-3-11: Amicus brief of Constitutional Scholars and Law Professors Erwin Chemerinsky, Alan B. Morrison, Victoria Nourse, Peter M. Shane, and Jed Shugerman in support of Appellant FPC (12-5043)

2019-3-8: Amicus brief of the Cato Institute in support of Appellants Guedes et al. (12-5042)

2019-3-4: FPC, FPF Announce Expedited Appeal in Bumpstock Cases

2019-3-4: Joint Appendix (all)

2019-3-4: Appellants' Opening Brief (no. 19-5043) FPC v. WhitakerAddendum

2019-3-4: Appellants' Opening Brief (no. 19-5042) Guedes v. BATFE (lead case)Addendum

2019-3-3: Appellants' Opening Brief (no. 19-5044) Codrea v. Whitaker

2019-3-1: Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit Order Granting Motion to Expedite and Setting Briefing and Argument Schedule

2019-2-27: FPC/FPF Appellants' Joint Reply in Support of Motion to Expedite

2019-2-26: Gov't Appellees' Opposition to Motion to Expedite

2019-2-26: FPC/FPF Appellants' Joint Motion to Expedite Briefing and Oral Arguments

2019-2-25: Joint Statement on Federal Court Ruling That Denies Law-Abiding American’s Temporary Protection from President Trump’s Unconstitutional Bumpstock Ban

2019-2-20: Notice of Appeal Filed

2019-2-20: Memorandum Opinion Denying Motions for Preliminary Injunction

2019-2-9: ATF response to FPF FOIA re Bumpstocks - Part 2

2019-2-9: ATF response to FPF FOIA re Bumpstocks - Part 1

2019-2-6: Hearing on Motion for Preliminary Injunction set for 2:00 p.m. before District Judge Dabney L. Friedrich (U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, 333 Constitution Avenue N.W. Washington D.C. 20001) (Hearing Transcript)

2019-1-29: Reply Brief in Support of Motion for Preliminary Injunction

2019-1-22: Government's Consolidated Opposition to Motion for Preliminary Injunction

2019-1-8: Cases 18-cv-2988 (Guedes v. BATFE) and 18-cv-3083 (FPC v. Whitaker) consolidated pursuant to Minute Order entered on 1/8/2019. All further filings made only in the lead case No. 18-cv-2988.

2018-12-26: FPF adds Florida Carry and Missouri State Rep. Shane Roden as Plaintiffs in Bump-Stock Lawsuit

2018-12-26: First Amended Complaint; Exhibit A (Part 1-1, Part 1-2, Part 1-3, Part 2-1, Part 2-2, Part 2-3); Declarations of Missouri State Rep. Shane Roden, Sean Caranna, Jonathan Jensen

2018-12-26: Notice of Voluntary Dismissal (FPC) [Note: See FPC v. Whitaker]

2018-12-18: Motion for Preliminary Injunction and Related Documents

2018-12-18: Complaint; Notice of Exhibits; Exhibit A (Part 1-1, Part 1-2, Part 1-3, Part 1-4, Part 2-1, Part 2-2)

2018-12-18: Federal Lawsuit Filed Challenging Trump Bump-Stock Ban

2018-12-18: ATF/DOJ Final Rule Banning Bump-Stock Devices

2018-6-27: Pre-Litigation Comments in Opposition to Proposed Rulemaking

2018-6-27: Attorneys for FPC, FPF file 923-page opposition to ATF's illegal 'bump-stock' ban proposal, demand hearing

2018-2-26: President Trump Says He Will ‘Write Out’ Bump Stocks Without Congress; Two Second Amendment Groups Initiate Legal Action to Oppose Ban

2018-2-20: FPC Calls President Trump’s ‘Bump Stock’ Ban “Lawless”

2018-1-25: Pre-Litigation Comments in Opposition to Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

2018-1-25: FPC Says ATF ‘Bump Stock’ Regulation Proposal is “Illegal”

2017-10-6: Firearms Policy Coalition Repudiates Proposed Bans on Semi-Automatic Firearms and Accessories, Including “Bump Fire” Stocks