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Summary: Federal lawsuit challenging President Trump's ban on "bump stock" devices by executive fiat 

Plaintiffs: Damien Guedes, Firearms Policy Foundation, Madison Society Foundation, Florida Carry, Inc., MO state Rep. Shane Roden

Defendants: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, ATF Acting Director Thomas Brandon, United States of America

Litigation Counsel: Joshua Prince, Esq. and Adam Kraut, Esq.

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Key Filings:

2018-12-26: First Amended Complaint; Exhibit A (Part 1-1, Part 1-2, Part 1-3, Part 2-1, Part 2-2, Part 2-3); Declarations of Missouri State Rep. Shane Roden, Sean Caranna, Jonathan Jensen

2018-12-26: Notice of Voluntary Dismissal (FPC) [Note: See FPC v. Whitaker]

2018-12-18: Motion for Preliminary Injunction and Related Documents

2018-12-18: Complaint; Notice of Exhibits; Exhibit A (Part 1-1, Part 1-2, Part 1-3, Part 1-4, Part 2-1, Part 2-2)

2018-12-18: ATF/DOJ Final Rule Banning Bump-Stock Devices

2018-6-27: Pre-Litigation Comments in Opposition to Proposed Rulemaking

2018-1-25: Pre-Litigation Comments in Opposition to Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking