FPC has been on the front lines fighting and beating the gun grabbers in Illinois. One of these victories has been our defeat of HB 4117.

Via Peoria Public Radio:

After recent mass shootings, some Illinois lawmakers reacted by filing legislation that would tighten restrictions on guns. Fall veto session is over and gun laws remain unchanged.

The Illinois House failed to even call legislation that would allow the state to license gun dealers. Currently, gunshops in Illinois are licensed through federal laws only. The bill also requires more training for staff in recognizing suspicious purchasers. Democratic Senator Don Harmon, from Oak Park who is the sponsor, says it lacked the needed votes.

Critics say the bill is too far-reaching and would make it difficult for responsible gun owners to make purchases. In addition, an attempt to ban what are known as bump stocks in response to the Las Vegas shooting in October failed to make it through the Illinois House.

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