Illinois HB 4117, the DISASTROUS bill that would've banned numerous firearms parts and accessories, has just been DEFEATED!

This is YOUR victory. It belongs to you! YOU did this!

Thank you for supporting the Second Amendment in Illinois!

The legislators heard your argument and read your emails!

What was mentioned on the floor came directly from the messages YOU sent! 

From the Chicago Tribune:

"Legislation to ban 'bump stocks' and other devices that allow guns to fire more rapidly was rejected by the Illinois House on Thursday.

Opponents, including Rep. Jerry Costello, a Democrat, called the bill too far-reaching because it would ban any modification that accelerates the rate of fire — such as changing a spring or replacing a trigger.

'I don’t view this as a bump stock ban, I view this as a ban on 40 to 50 percent of the guns in the state,' Costello said. "This bill would've turned people who modify firearms into lawbreakers."

The measure was defeated by a 48-54 vote.

But we can't let up now.

There are still FOUR anti-gun "bump stock" bans in the Illinois Legislature: SB 2247HB 4140HB 4107, and HB 4112.

Make sure your legislator knows how you feel about these "bump stock" bans!