Shaneen Allen was someone who was arrested and prosecuted because New Jersey didn't recognize her Pennsylvania CCW permit. She's a prime example of why we need to pass HR 38 NOW!

Via Outdoor Life:

Another boost could come from personal testimony from Shaneen Allen, a phlebotomist with a Pennsylvania-issued concealed carry permit who spent 48 days in jail in 2013 because she told police officers she had a licensed handgun in her car when she was pulled over in New Jersey. The mother of two was eventually pardoned by Gov. Chris Christie.

Allen has volunteered to testify before the Senate in support of the bill. It could be helpful, proponents hope.

“When you see the system go wrong in the life of a real person it becomes more compelling,” New Jersey Republican Rep. Tom MacArthur told Michael Catalini of the Associated Press. “The woman did nothing wrong and yet her family was thrown into real chaos.”

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