There are Quislings in both parties. Want proof?

Last year it was Republican Brian Boquist that lied and grandstanded to back Bloomberg’s SB 719 (originally SB 868); his bill to strip your due process rights.

Even a local municipal judge recently slammed SB 719 in a no-nonsense op-ed.

Now it’s Republican Representatives Knute Buehler, Richard Vial, and Julie Parrish pushing HB 4145.

HB 4145 is scheduled for a hearing tomorrow in the State Senate Judiciary – and who knows how many Republicans will jump ship and join the Portland Democrats in this new blatant assault on constitutional rights

It’s no coincidence that HB 4145 is very similar to SB 719, after you’re stripped of your rights without due process because you’re supposedly dangerous, you are still free to roam the streets and cause havoc.

Even so, if SB 719 worked, why would they need HB 4145?

It makes zero sense.

Criminals don’t obey laws, just like politicians don’t honor their oaths of office.

Act now and oppose this measure.