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Oregon Governor Kate Brown is at it again. 

This time, she has personally sponsored legislation that seeks to confiscate firearms under the pretenses of stopping domestic violence by allowing a "family or household member" to take away someone's gun if they are considered a "danger."

HB 4145 redefines family or household member to mean literally any person that may have been “involved in a sexually intimate relationship.” The numerous pitfalls for this are obvious. Anyone could claim to have had sex with you and fill out a life-changing restraining order against you—no matter how much time has elapsed since your last (alleged) contact.

HB 4145 also inflicts a very deceptive “catch 22” on line (10) ii and iii, to discourage appeals and the exercise of due process. Under HB 4145 you are guilty until proven innocent. Lastly, the penalties for false accusations using laws like 4145 are little if anything at all. The impacts on the victims are extreme, loss of rights, job prospects, and family turmoil. The penalty for abusing these types of laws and our justice system should be no less than a felony.

This bill needs to be stoped NOW! 

Email your representatives today and demand they vote NO on this bill!