(August 21, 2020) — As they proudly acknowledge, Democratic presidential nominee Joseph Biden and vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris represent a clear and present danger to liberty, freedom, the Constitution, and the values that have made America the greatest country in the world. Because they pose a uniquely grave threat to all that we hold dear, Firearms Policy Coalition expressly and unequivocally opposes Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris in the strongest possible terms. If elected, the Democratic nominees would:

  • Nominate radical, constitutionally regressive, anti-rights federal judges and Supreme Court justices;
  • Act to ban common, constitutionally protected firearms, magazines, and other arms;
  • Push to criminalize common transfers of firearms between friends and family members, further restricting access to the right to keep and bear arms;
  • Abuse executive authority to ban the importation of firearms, ammunition, and accessories;
  • Infringe on core First Amendment rights by banning gun-related speech, computer design files, and 3D printing;
  • Ban the home-building of firearms, a deeply rooted American tradition protected by the Constitution;
  • Direct reforms to the ATF and the Department of Justice to expand enforcement of unconstitutional gun control laws and burden retailers;
  • Direct the use of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to fund anti-gun studies to support anti-gun policies;
  • Enact policies to eliminate the lawful acquisition of arms through modern sales channels;
  • Enact legislation and take executive actions to compel states to require licenses before exercising fundamental, enumerated rights;
  • Direct the FBI and ATF to confiscate weapons from people they believe may be prohibited based on shoddy, inaccurate databases and bureaucratic whims;
  • Promote dangerous “red flag” prohibition and confiscation orders;
  • Radically expand the classes of persons federally prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition;
  • Establish a “task force” to use people’s speech against them, targeting those who say things the government disfavor for bans and confiscation;
  • Punish gun owners who have children in the home;
  • Make gun ownership prohibitively expensive for the average American and accessible to only the wealthy;
  • Require gun owners to report lost or stolen guns, effectively victimizing them twice;
  • Direct the FBI to target gun purchasers who fail the NICS background check and report them to state and local law enforcement, even if the background check result was false and based on inaccurate data;
  • Restrict the rights of the elderly and disabled by giving the Social Security Administration the authority to effectively prohibit their purchases of firearms;
  • Repeal legislation that protects firearm manufacturers and retailers from frivolous lawsuits, forcing critical industry members out of business and closing small businesses;
  • Require all firearms to contain expensive and unreliable “smart gun” technology.

FPC is all too familiar with Senator Harris, having battled her in the courts when she was California’s aggressively authoritarian attorney general. Then-California Attorney General Harris used her massive Department of Justice to promote and defend restrictions on speech and firearms, among other fundamental rights. We have no doubt that a Biden/Harris administration would abuse its powers to attack political enemies, including those of us who cherish and fight for the Republic, liberty, and freedom. 

We take no joy in observing that Mr. Biden’s health and mental faculties are suffering. But in a system that has allowed the executive branch to aggregate power and wield force in a manner never imagined or intended by our Founders, such cannot be ignored. Neither can the fact that, if Mr. Biden were unable to complete a term of office, Ms. Harris would rise to a position of power that would imperil our Republic. 

FPC remains a fiercely non-partisan organization. When President Trump took unconstitutional measures to prohibit certain arms, we directly engaged him and his administration in substantive legal action. When the President made statements promoting policies that conflict with our principles we opposed them and promoted better policies. And when President Trump nominated individuals who could not be trusted to protect our rights and property, FPC opposed those nominations. We stand for the People, not a political party or politicians.

In our view, the United States is at a crossroads. Broken political parties that ignore and redline the Constitution, expand government, and steal more power for themselves from the People are putting our rights and future at risk. Violent mobs and “cancel culture” are expediting the Balkanization of America and destroying the free marketplace of ideas in favor of a monolithic and oppressive system of hegemonic rule. And the American people now have a choice to make that carries incredible risk and consequence for this and future generations.

Their history and agenda show that a Biden/Harris administration would immeasurably damage our Republic, the American people, individual liberty, freedom, the rule of law, and our constitutional system as a whole. FPC strongly opposes the election of Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris.