The Senate Public Safety Committee advanced a bill recently that would bar CCW-holders from carrying a firearm at public rallies in California.

SB 1099, which was authored by state Senator John Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa), would not just ban carrying a concealed firearm at rallies though. It would effectively ban being in possession of anything that could be used for self-defense while you are exercising your First Amendment rights.

Craig DeLuz voiced Firearms Policy Coalition’s opposition to the bill, saying the bill would violate people’s First and Second Amendment rights.

“To sacrifice liberty for security is foolhardy because one will eventually end up with neither,”  DeLuz said.

Unfortunately, Moorlach refused to own his misguided bill… even going so far as to blame FPC.

Moorlach asserted, wrongly, that he tried to work with FPC but did not receive any amendments. This is simply not true. FPC conveyed that his bill is so far-reaching that it could not possibly gain our support. However, FPC did stress that at the very least, Moorlach needed to provide an exemption in the bill for CCW-holders and allow people to choose to defend themselves by other means.

Ultimately, SB 1099 was passed out of the Senate Public Safety Committee and now moves to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

We at FPC strongly encourage all law-abiding gun owners to oppose this bill at that committee. Help defeat this draconian piece of legislation.

Tell Senator Moorlach you won’t stand for his anti-gun and anti-free speech bill!