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  • Bill: CA SB 1099 - Prohibits CCW Permit Holders from Carrying at Rallies or Protests
  • Position: Oppose
  • Sponsor: Sen. John Moorlach (R-37) 
  • FPC Legislative Alert

SB 1099 raises a number of significant concerns, not the least of which are how it directly impinges on the fundamental, individual rights to free speech and self defense.

Worse, it forces people to give up one constitutionally-enshrined right (self-defense, and the instruments necessary thereto) “while attending or participating in” the exercise of others (the right to speak, demonstrate, rally, protest, picket, and assemble).

This measure is unconstitutional and must be stopped. 

Call Sen. Moorlach and demand he pull his anti-gun bill from consideration: (916) 651-4037

Tell your legislators that you oppose SB 1099 by sending them an email today: