In the last COVID-19 stimulus package, Congress tried to sneak a reauthorization of VAWA that contained new gun control amendments into the bill.

FPC members took action and helped us stop that dangerous amendment from making its way into the stimulus package but now, 24 State Attorneys General have made an attempt to bolster Congressional efforts to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act through legislation, again using the pandemic as political cover.

Spearheaded, again, by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, these 24 Attorneys General sent a letter to House and Senate leadership urging Congress to reinstate this Intolerable Act.  

Under the guise of protecting women, Congress has repeatedly tried to hide the true nature of what the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWRA) would actually do.  Justifiably, they have been met with aggressive opposition even from female-owned domestic violence survivor groups and organizations. 

The VAWRA would deny Due Process rights by depriving people of property without a hearing and expand Federal jurisdiction into what would typically be state controlled issues.

FPC's Director of Legal Policy drafted an important Policy Memo on the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act and the minefield of legal issues that it would create. Thanks to your support, this Policy Memo has also been sent to all 24 Attorneys General for their consideration. And now, we have one more critical step that we need you to get involved with, use our form to take action and tell Congress that we oppose any and all infringements on our rights, regardless of how many attorneys general conspire together to support them.