Not good news... 


Governor Earl Ray Tomblin has vetoed the conceal carry gun bill.

The bill would do away with the state’s current permit and training program to carry a concealed weapon in West Virginia for anyone ages 21 and older. Permits would be required for those between 18-21.

The governor announced the measure at a news conference Thursday with dozens of local law enforcement agencies who have expressed concerns over the legislation. The officers represented every law enforcement branch in the state.

Governor Tomblin says he vetoed the bill in the interest of officers’ safety.

“I have been listening, and today [Thursday] I stand with you for the safety of the men, women and children who call our state home,” the governor said. “Our law enforcement officers have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe. Now it’s time for us to return the favor and veto HB4145.”

The bill passed the House with a 61 to 31 vote. The Senate approved it 24 to 9.

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