This has been a rocky year for all of us.

We’ve been knocked down a couple of times, but we’re not giving up the fight.

We’re confident that the anti-gun laws that were passed will be beaten, whether on the ballot thanks to our friends at Veto Gunmageddon, or in the courts through the filing of civil rights litigation.

But we can’t forget that we won many battles this year.

Whether it was the bill that would have BANNED all semi-auto rifles like the M1 carbine and Mini-14, the bill that would have mandated video surveillance in ALL areas of a gun store and forced most, if not all, out of business with outrageous insurance requirements, or the bill where your neighbor could’ve turned you in as a “violent” gun owner and had the police raid your home, we made sure that we took the fight to them.

While we relish those victories, here’s the scary news:

Those bills all may be back starting December 5th.

That day, only 75 days away, is the start of the new legislative session and the first day that the anti-gunners can introduce their new bills.

Many of you think that right now is the down time.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

While we should be preparing for this new attack, we are busy fighting the laws from last year and Gavin Newsom’s Ammo Ban which will be Prop 63 on the ballot November 8th.

We need you to help us prepare for the battle in 75 days.

If this year was any indication, it is going to be an onslaught.

If you donate today, we’ll even enter you into a giveaway for a brand new Daniel Defense M4V7 with a Trijicon MRO.

Their next attack is closer than you think.

Make sure we win this round.