On Tuesday, the Assembly Public Safety Committee heard and passed AB 450 by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento).

AB 450 is designed to make it even more expensive for you to exercise your right to self defense and carry a handgun, only reserving this “privilege” for the wealthy.

While the outcome was unfortunately not surprising seeing as that committee has literally been a rubber stamp this year, passing 100% of all anti-gun bills out, it was important that we make YOUR voice heard. FPC’s Craig DeLuz testified against the bill at the committee hearing, one of the few voices for liberty in the building that day.

Fortunately, our cameras were able to catch Craig’s journey to the State Capitol.

We wanted to ensure you had the chance to see Craig in action and watch just what goes on there from behind the scenes.


Even though the bill passed, the fight is far from over.

FPC has managed to KILL McCarty’s two other anti-gun bills.

These bills would have allowed even more scrutiny to be placed on CCW applications and forced the majority of California gun stores out of business.

We want to ensure that McCarty is 0 for 3 this year on violating your rights.