Republicans need to take their aim off of the Second Amendment and start standing up for the Constitution.

Republicans in Congress are letting slip through their fingers a chance of a lifetime.

They’ve majorities in the House and the Senate, a friendly GOP face in the White House — and yet, they can’t get anything done. And now?

Now, party fundraisers are reportedly running for the horizon.

“You’re never going to get a more sympathetic Republican than I am,” said mega-donor Thomas Wachtell, at a recent dinner reported by Politico. “But I’m sick and tired of nothing happening.”

Apparently, voters aren’t supposed to notice that Republicans haven’t really changed up their messaging any.

Lest it’s forgotten: The current Senate seats 52 Republicans, 46 Democrats and 2 Independents — who usually vote Dem. So it’s a 52-48 split in the GOP’s favor.

But according to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, that’s not enough. It’s not enough to get anything passed — not Obamacare repeal, not border wall building, not tax reform, not anything voters voted for over the last few years.

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