Women who support the Second Amendment routinely face obscenities, degrading comments, and even death threats.

Via Washington Free Beacon:

"It's a fucking shame you weren't killed when that scumbag raped you, you f*****g despicable, lying, lowlife, Right-Wing, Neo-Fascist C**T!" That was the message Kimberly Corban found waiting for her on Facebook early last year.

It was sent by a man upset about her gun-rights advocacy.

Violent, sexual harassment and threats like the one Corban received are a common experience for many female gun activists.

In interviews with the Washington Free Beacon, four prominent pro-gun women detailed the deluge of vitriol and attempted intimidation they face.

Each shared their own experience with death and rape threats as well as threats and hatred directed at their children.

Each explained how they'd been forced to involve law enforcement during credible threats to their safety.

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