A journalist was robbed at gunpoint in Washington DC. He now says he's going to buy a gun and pursue a concealed carry permit.

Via Washington Free Beacon:

A columnist told the Washington Free Beacon on Friday he planned to purchase a gun and obtain a Washington, D.C., gun-carry permit in the wake of being robbed.

Tim Young, who hosts the No Things Considered show, said he was accosted by two young black men wearing parkas and winter gear that covered their faces around 7:45 p.m. on Wednesday. He was walking near the intersection of 6th and M streets near the city's Wharf district when one of the men grabbed him from behind and the other threatened to shoot him if he didn't hand over his phone.

"When they came up behind me, of course, I fought it," Young said. "Then they threatened me and I said ‘take the cellphone.' Whatever. I'm not going to be a hero. As soon as they got it from me they ran."

As the robbers made off with Young's Galaxy S7, bystanders at the well-lit intersection in the newly rejuvenated waterfront neighborhood called the police. Of the half dozen or so people nearby, Young said an elderly couple walking their dogs were the only ones who tried to help him after the robbers fled. That couple called 911 and handed Young their phone so he could talk to police.

Young said he doesn't currently own a gun and never has, but the attack has changed everything.

"I would've been able to defend myself. I know that." he said. "I'm certain that they would have run had I been able to concealed carry and was armed. I am 100 percent certain that had I been concealed carrying I would have been able to protect myself."

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