Can you believe the latest from the Wikileaks releases?

Senator Kevin “Ghost Gun” de Leon was on a short list of candidates who were considered by Hillary Clinton to be her Vice President!


In a March 12th email exchange, Clinton staff shared a list of potential VP picks. De Leon was among 36 people “worth considering.”

The bumbling California State Senate President who talked about 30 round magazine clips being dispersed in half a second is apparently a rising star.

And you know what that means, because de Leon is on the “in” with the Clintons, he will implement whatever a possible President Clinton wants to.

I know what you’re thinking, California already has tough gun control laws and we have already implemented everything Clinton wants to implement nationally.

But what if Hillary wants to use California as her experiment?

What if she wants to implement Australian-style gun confiscation here?

What if she wants to ban ALL semi-auto firearms?

She already has a willing puppet in de Leon. All that needs to happen is for her to give the order and de Leon will clear the way for her possible legislation just like he did for Gunpocalypse earlier this year.

The scarier part: we’re only a month and a half away from the California Legislature returning and introducing more unconstitutional, anti-gun bills.

We’ve been focusing on stopping Gavin Newsom and his ammo ban for much of the Fall.

But these new revelations are frightening to say the least.