Constitutional Carry is on the move in Alabama. 

Via US News: 

"Every citizen should have the right to bear arms without paying a fee," said Sen. Gerald Allen, the Tuscaloosa Republican who sponsored the bill.

Allen argued that Alabama is an open carry state so it made no sense to allow a person to carry a gun on a hip holster in public but require a permit if the person puts on a jacket or gets in a car.

The legislation has pitted Republican lawmakers and gun enthusiasts against some state law enforcement officers who say the permits are needed for public safety and to help them discern law-abiding citizens from potential crime suspects.

Capt. Michael Salomonsky of the Madison County Sheriff's Office told a Senate committee last month that the permits are crucial tools in solving crimes and help officers determine who could be a suspect.

"If our job is to protect the community, don't take our tools," Salomonsky said last month.

Eleven states allow people to carry concealed weapons in public without a permit, according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Most of those states still issue concealed weapon permits, as would Alabama, for people who may want them to carry in other states.

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