We were warned.

We were warned that House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) would sell out your gun rights for his own cynical political ambitions.

Those stark warnings are now becoming a nightmarish reality.

Speaker Ryan and House Republican leadership are bending their knees to the gun grabbers in Congress by handing them over a vote to SEIZE YOUR GUNS. 


And only a day removed from celebrating the Fourth of July, Republicans are on the edge of voting to place gun owners on a secret list that will ban YOU from buying guns.

I wish I was making this stuff up.

Now, more than ever, we need to stand united and send a message to Washington that this weakness will not be accepted.

And there will be consequences.

This is a all-hands on-deck call to arms.

Sign the petition and if you can, donate anything you can spare.

$10 or $20 or more will help us reach EVERY pro-gun, freedom loving ally we have in Congress to ban together to stop House leadership from selling our gun rights out.

Ryan is looking to strip of your due process by empowering anti-gun bureaucrats to rip away gun rights by TYRANNICAL FIAT.


Not only are we fighting back against gun grabbers, but we’re fighting against time itself.

The clock is ticking as Ryan can sell us out at anytime.

The time to act is now: