The City of Tucson is apparently breaking the law by destroying guns seized by police.


Is Tucson breaking state law by destroying guns rather than selling them?

It is a question state Rep. Mark Finchem wants Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to answer. Finchem filed a complaint Wednesday arguing the city is violating a 2013 law requiring sales of otherwise legal guns.

Finchem said he has proof that Tucson is breaking the law, and that he obtained city documents outlining the destruction of guns — including a collectible gun worth more than $10,000 — through a public-records request.

“The city of Tucson flagrantly violated state statutes and deprived the taxpayers of the opportunity to obtain fair-market value of a public asset,” the Oro Valley Republican said in a news release, adding that the guns should have been auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Finchem said he handed over a 231-page document to fellow Republican Brnovich, listing hundreds of firearms that were apparently destroyed by the city.

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