Any time, with almost no warning, between now and the end of the session (whenever that might be),the Rules committee can take up SB 719, the “Extreme Risk” gun confiscation bill.

Since they’ve announced that “sine die” (adjournment) is imminent, the rules have changed - and they are not required to give us as much notice as they did earlier in the session before a hearing is held.

You’ve heard about this travesty of a bill for a while now - and that the Bloomberg/Boquist crowd even resorted to shady maneuvers to resurrect the bill when its former version died in committee.

Now it’s passed the Senate and sits in the Rules committee, and the clock is ticking. This bill is an Oregon Ceasefire priority and they’re waiting for just the right moment to sneak it through.

It is CRUCIAL that the Rules Committee know that YOU ARE WATCHING and strongly oppose this unconstitutional bill!

Email them NOW!