Have you seen the headlines in recent years?

Prison overcrowding is a thing of the past.

AB 109 forced thousands of dangerous criminals down to county jails, where they were released due to underfunding and overcrowding.

Proposition 47, passed in 2014 by the voters, allowed certain felons in jail for theft, check forgery and drug possession to be released from incarceration.

This year, California Governor Jerry Brown is going a step further.

He is throwing his weight behind Proposition 57, which would further release “non-violent” criminals from their sentences earlier than their current release date.

At the same time, however, jails could be filling right back up with otherwise law-abiding individuals.

Governor Brown recently signed seven anti-gun bills that all have penalties associated with jail time.

If you’re caught in violation of these new laws, you’ll be facing jail time.

Take, for instance, the new laws that make any firearm with a “bullet button” or other magazine locking device an assault weapon, SB 880 and AB 1135.

The punishment under current laws for possession of an “assault rifle” with “evil features” ranges from a $500 fine with the destruction of your weapons to up to THREE years behind bars.

And, rather conveniently, these new gun crimes won’t be on the list of offenses for which people can be released early.

So… you could be going to prison if you are caught with a rifle that has a detachable magazine (which now includes a bullet button), a pistol grip or an adjustable stock but someone who is a convicted felon can be released early!

Makes sense, right?

Apparently it does to Governor Brown.