The Texas tragedy is barely removed and the Left wastes no time in calling for gun control.

Via the Washington Times

The mourning for the Texas church victims is not yet over — heck, it’s barely begun — and already, The New York Times, in all its left-leaning editorial board wisdom, is calling for gun control.

The title says it all: “It’s Not Too Soon to Debate Gun Control.”
Does the left ever stop?

The New York Times‘ piece included a ticking timer to show how many hours, minutes and seconds since the Sutherland Springs, Texas, shooting and the death of 26.

It also included similar counts of hours, minutes and seconds since other shootings, like the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, the shooting in Dallas, the shooting in Las Vegas, and others.


To pressure Congress to act.

Of course, The New York Times fails to note that the Pulse shooting was an act of Islamic terror; the Dallas one, an act of anti-police targeting and takedown.

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