Laws to stop the law-abiding from exercising their rights DO NOT stop evil individuals. 

Via the Statesman:

The terrible news about the Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church mass shooting was just coming out when last week’s column was being written. Now we know a lot more about how the murderer acquired his guns.

We now know that the murderer was convicted of two counts of domestic abuse which are disqualifiers for firearms possession.

We know that after serving his ridiculously short 12-month U.S. Air Force court martial jail term that he started purchasing guns, the first from an Academy store in Colorado, followed by at least three purchases elsewhere.

In each of these instances, the murderer committed a felony by checking the box on the federal purchase form that he was not convicted of a domestic violence crime.

The reason the FBI background check system did not catch him, was that the Air Force judge advocate general never entered the convictions into the FBI criminal database.

The newest lame excuse is that the terminology the Air Force uses does not exactly match the federal law’s language. Sorry, that’s the dumbest excuse I’ve ever heard for failing to protect the public.

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