San Francisco is considering a policy that will violate the rights of law abiding gun owners? What else is new?

via The Hill

San Francisco is set to consider a bill that would make it illegal to carry a concealed weapon at events with more than 50 people.

Supervisor Catherine Stefani told the San Francisco Examiner that she will introduce a measure banning concealed weapons within a 500-foot radius of large events. Open carry is not allowed in California, but residents can apply for concealed-carry permits.

Stefani said that she was motivated to introduce the bill after concerns about violence breaking out at events were raised over a planned far-right rally in San Francisco last year.The organizers of the rally canceled the event over safety concerns.

Stefani told the Examiner that she didn’t know of any instances of violence at events in San Francisco that involved concealed weapons, but she still has concerns about the future.

“Concealed carry and guns have caused enough damage in this country altogether,” she said.

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