Some of you have been asking why we've taken such a strong stand against these "bump stock" bans. This is why. They're not going to stop with bump stocks.

Via the Hill:

The next bump stock? Gun reform advocates think they’ve seen a few.

The debate over bump stocks has all but vanished on Capitol Hill. But gun reformers are already seeking to identify similar products in hopes of convincing Congress to apply new restrictions aimed at preventing the next tragedy.

On Wednesday, the gun-violence prevention group founded by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) will release a report detailing nine products –– all commercially available under current federal law –– the advocates say are designed specifically to circumvent long-established gun checks and therefore pose a threat to public safety.

The products singled out by the group are a combination of obscure accessories and military-style firearms that, like bump stocks, are hardly household names. They include binary triggers, which modify firearms so one round is fired with the pull of the trigger, and another upon the trigger’s release; trigger cranks, which allow shooters to fire more rapidly with the turn of a handle; and incendiary rounds, which ignite when they hit a target.

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