California’s gun grabbers seem to have bitten off more than they can chew. In last year’s rush to Gunpocalypse, legislators didn’t think through all of the processes and funding such a massive bureaucracy would require - and now, when some of these laws are supposed to be in effect, law-abiding gun owners are left without a way to comply with the law.

As we promised when these draconian measures were adopted, we are keeping a close watch on the Department of Justice and their failure(s) to do their job - and suing them.

There are no “assault weapon” regulations in effect yet, although gun owners were supposed to register them by January 1 - but due to their failures, the deadline had to be moved back six months. Then DOJ played “hide the football” with their recently rejected regulations, claiming they were in a “draft” status and unable to be inspected.

Another “Gunpocalypse” law will require Californians to purchase ammunition through licensed ammunition vendors starting January 1, 2018. So, as of July 1 ammunition vendors were supposed to have the ability to register online for a license, and DOJ was supposed to have a database of licensed vendors up and running by then as well.

But, as of today - nearly two weeks after the deadline - there aren’t even any proposed regulations for how this will be done. That means we could be months away from vendors being able to apply for a license… Even though the deadline is fast approaching.

Our legal and policy teams are keeping tabs on this issue, as well as pursuing legal action against municipalities to get illegal taser bans off the books and taking on the state in ongoing cases like Gallinger v. Becerra, our challenge to laws giving special privileges to government employees and not all gun owners, and DeLuz v. CA Department of Justice, which challenges DOJ’s denial of access to firearm regulations.

The fight is never done. To fight against the seemingly endless resources of the anti-gunners, we need your help.

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