Bill/Issue: Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's plan to expand background checks on firearms sales in Texas

  • Position: OPPOSED

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has gone rogue and plans to betray the Second Amendment by "taking the lead" on enacting highly-restrictive, unconstitutional background checks.

Under Patrick's plan, Texas would outlaw private sales of firearms without a background check.

This authoritarian proposal to criminalize private firearm sales/transfers would amount to a massive registration scheme, exposing Texans' personal information to the government. 

Insultingly, Patrick said Republicans should pass gun control in order to prevent Democrat takeovers in Washington.

"Someone in the Republican Party has to take the lead on this," he said.

However, Patrick's disastrous proposal would only serve to infringe on the rights of law-abiding Texans.

We cannot allow Lt. Gov. Patrick to implement this gun registration scheme. So please contact him now using our Take Action tools and let him know you OPPOSE any attempt to force registration on law-abiding Texans.