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President Trump has nominated former Hawaii Attorney General Bennett for a vacant position on the Ninth Circuit.

If confirmed, he would maintain the Ninth’s hostility towards the Second Amendment and free speech.

Bennett’s track record offers insight into the future if he is appointed, which looks awfully bleak.

While Attorney General in Hawaii, he filed an amicus brief in Heller arguing that “the Second Amendment has no application to state laws.”

He also has a dubious record when it comes to protecting free speech, leading Sen. Ted Cruz to call him out at a confirmation hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

This is the worst possible pick for a judge and will mean decades of anti-gun, anti-Constitution bias from the bench.

His appointment MUST be stopped. And that is why we need you to contact the US Senate TODAY!

Together, we can influence the Senate to reject Bennett’s appointment and send a message to President Trump:

We will not accept judges that refuse to uphold freedom.