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While FPC proudly defeated a number of dangerous, anti-2A bills, gun-grabbers in the legislature rammed through some others without regard to YOUR Constitutional rights. This is our last chance to stop these disastrous gun control bills in their tracks, so we need YOU to take action!

  • SB 1100 - Prohibits sales of firearms or ammo to anyone under 21 years of age with certain exemptions such as law enforcement
  • SB 221 - Bans gun shows at the Cow Palace in Daly City
  • SB 1177 - Limits ALL firearm purchases to 1 every 30 days
  • SB 1200 - Expands GVROs to include magazines
  • AB 3129 - Implements a lifetime ban on firearm ownership by individuals convicted of any misdemeanor domestic violence charge
  • AB 1968 - Implements a lifetime ban on firearm ownership by individuals that have been admitted to a mental health facility more than once in a 1-year period
  • AB 2526 - Allows GVROs to be issued verbally by Judicial Officers
  • AB 1903 - Prohibits the dispensing of gift cards from FFL's for gun buyback programs

Defeat is NOT inevitable just because you live in California! Time and time again, we've seen that flooding the mailboxes of politicians WORKS, and contacting them takes less than a minute of your time. 

Tell Gov. Brown that you won't stand for further infringements on the Second Amendment. Take action NOW!