Assemblyman Miguel Santiago hates your Second Amendment rights so much, he even wants to take away your First Amendment rights.

California's roadways are in disrepair, yet instead of finding ways to fix the problem Santiago is focused on giving the Department of Transportation regulatory power over a few billboards in Los Angeles, harming businesses by restricting what can be advertised via billboard.This restriction of First Amendment rights, of course, includes banning advertising FIREARMS!

anning gun speech is yet another strategy gun grabbers use to harm gun sales without direct government regulation. Banning gun speech also “otherizes” firearms and makes it acceptable for them to take them from you! It’s the same strategy that conquered the tobacco industry!

The crucial difference is that your rights to bear arms shall NOT BE INFRINGED!

This proposed legislation proves that they won’t be satisfied with simply taking away your Second Amendment rights. They’ll work to restrict your First Amendment rights to even talk about guns - or any other idea they find offensive.

Call Santiago (916) 319-2053 and ask him why Sacramento needs to regulate a few billboards while our roads erode away. Then tell him keep his hands off your guns!