A push to give Brazil the "Second Amendment." 

Via Telesur: 

Brazilian lawmakers are looking to relax gun ownership laws in the country despite the majority of homicides being linked to firearms.

Congressman Edson Moreira, who is part of the religiously conservative congress group, known by many as  the "bullets, beef and Bible" sect, told NPR on Monday that he is an advocate of U.S. style gun laws that say if the “bad guys" have guns, the "good guys" should be allowed to have them as well to protect themselves. 

"Brazil doesn't have a gun problem. It has a problem of illegal guns in the hands of criminals, especially drug traffickers," he said. "The idea is to return to the public the right to own a gun or not."

"The U.S.A. has the perfect legislation in the Second Amendment, which guarantees the population the right to bear arms," he added.

The proposal to make it easier for Brazilians to own guns is also supported by Fabrício Rebelo from the Research Center on Law and Security in Brazil although he wants to see a more safeguards put in place than the U.S. system.

"The proposed change in the law here would still mean Brazil would have very strict gun control laws unlike the more relaxed (gun) market in North America," he said.

The campaign for looser gun controls has faced strong opposition in Brazil, a country in the midst of a gun epidemic. A study from the U.N. found a staggering 42,000 were shot dead across the country in 2012 while over 4,000 people were killed by guns in Rio de Janeiro state in 2015.

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