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This bill would require a law enforcement agency, as defined, to adopt a written procedure to account for firearms that are owned, acquired, maintained, sold, loaned, lost, stolen, or in any way possessed by that agency or by an employee of that agency if used or carried for purposes of carrying out the official duties of his or her employment, as specified. And the bill would require that firearms that are lost, stolen, or otherwise disposed of be entered into the AFS.

Countless news stories have shown that firearms are too often lost by, or stolen from, law enforcement agencies and their employees. And some of these incidents have led to tragic consequences. This bill would incent law enforcement agencies and their employees – who are currently exempt from just about every regulation and restriction that applies to responsible, trained law-abiding California citizens – to be less careless with their firearms.

By requiring law enforcement agencies and their staff to keep track of their firearms and adopt procedures for disciplining government employees who fail to comply with these rules, SB 1185 would promote greater transparency and accountability in law enforcement.

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