Position: Strongly Opposed

Issue: Asm. Santiago's demand to suspend the sale of all guns & ammo in California. 

CA Asm. Miguel Santiago has drafted a letter to Gov. Newsom asking for an indefinite statewide freeze on the sale of guns and ammo.

FPC has obtained a copy of Santiago's letter, which has not been released to the public yet.

The letter also can be accessed by clicking here.

This is a grave and immediate threat to the Second Amendment. And we must act before the Governor can bow to this demand!

And if the Governor or CA State Government were to implement such a restriction, FPC would act as quickly as possible to overturn it. (We are literally suing over this very issue right now in Brandy v. Villanueva.)

Santiago is claiming that "panic buying" during COVID-19 justifies this assault on your rights. And Newsom needs to know this is UNACCEPTABLE!

Please take IMMEDIATE action to stop this outrageous demand by using FPC's Take Action form below. Contact Santiagio and tell him to withdraw his demand. Then, contact Gov. Newsom and let him know you won't stand for a suspension of your fundamental rights.