Yuma County, Colorado Sheriff Chad Day gets it right. The Second Amendment is not about hunting…

Via Ammoland:

It has been codified in case law that reasonable restrictions can be placed on American’s Second Amendment rights, however, that does not change the original and prevailing purpose of that right, so clearly and plainly listed in our bill of most basic rights as citizens of this free country.

The purpose of the Second Amendment was, and still is, for Americans to be able to protect ourselves from inappropriate and extreme overreach by our own government, in a word, tyranny.

As a representative of the government, I do not make that statement lightly. During my testimony in favor of one of the 5 bills presented for debate and public comment that day, I made the statement that the purpose of the Second Amendment was for Americans to protect themselves from our own government. That statement was received with gasps by some in the gallery which was followed by the statement, “you are the government!”

That is a correct statement. As a public servant, it is the job of the County Sheriff, elected by the people, to protect the people’s right to arm themselves for the expressed purpose of protecting themselves from government tyranny, even if that tyranny, God forbid, were to come from me. This is the most simple and basic check and balance that exists in our free, liberty loving form of government.

This right is what gives teeth to free Americans’ exercise of all their other rights provided in our Constitution.

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