Surprise, Sen. Blumenthal is still scared of ghosts and other things he doesn't understand, like the Constitution.

  • Bill: S.3743
  • Position: Strongly Oppose
  • Sponsor: Sen. Richard Blumenthal [D-CT]
  • Issue:
    • Blumenthal naively claims that these "parts kits" are a means to evade federal laws, despite being fully compliant with current federal laws.
    • Based on his prior failed attempts, his proposal would regulate unfinished frames and receivers in the same manner as firearms.
    • These components would need to be serialized by authorized individuals (those with a manufacturer's license) before they are transferred to other entities.
    • Additionally, purchasers would be subject to background checks, waiting periods, and increased costs.
    • His proposal would also alter the definition of "untraceable firearm" in order to outlaw many 3D-printed firearms.
    • Home gunsmithing is Constitutionally protected but lawmakers hope to suppress that right, too. We must oppose this infringement at all costs!
    • #codeisfreespeech and 3D printing is the future.


Senator Blumenthal has, once again, expressed his intent to regulate "ghost guns." He's teamed up with Everytown for Gun Safety and Giffords for the ultimate misinformation dream team. They believe "parts kits" should be serialized and treated like actual firearms.

"Parts kits" consist of everything but the frame or receiver, which is the only part regulated as a firearm. Americans buy parts kits for a host of lawful reasons, including for spare parts, historical value, and to home-build a new firearm. Indeed, making firearms at home is an American tradition that predates the United States.


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