Great coverage of our fight to repeal 2A restrictions in Tacoma, Wa! 


The Firearms Policy Coalition is holding Tacoma to task over its local ordinances against the sale, manufacturing, purchasing, possessing or carrying of any “electroshock device” by a law-abiding resident, visitor or traveler.

“The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the ‘right to keep and bear arms’ not only the right to keep and bear firearms,” said FPC attorney Stephen Stamboulieh in an April 3 letter to the Tacoma city attorney, citing the 2008 Heller decision as well as a 2016 Supreme Court case directly concerning stun guns...

...Noting that other cities across the nation have scrapped their bans on electronic weapons in recent months following costly legal challenges, Phillip Watson, a civil rights advocate with the FPC, warned in a follow-up letter sent this week to Mayor Marilyn Strickland that Tacoma taxpayers and residents “would be well-served by an expeditious repeal of the outdated and ill-advised subject ban.”

FPC President Brandon Combs told the city manager and attorney are preparing an ordinance to change the law, and that it would probably be ready for their June 6 council meeting.

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