Earlier today, the Assembly Public Safety Committee passed AB 2459, the bill that will wipe out every gun store in the State of California.

The bill bans all home FFL dealers, requires constant video surveillance of all parts of the store, and mandates the purchase of an insurance policy that does not exist. In essence, it will eliminate every gun store and, with it, the 2nd Amendment.

That bill now heads to the Assembly Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection. With the massive surveillance requirements in the bill, we hope we can reason with a committee that has expressed Constitutional concerns on privacy violations; the same kinds of violations that are within the language of this bill.

But we need you to keep the heat on AB 2459 and continue to voice your opposition below.

The Committee also killed two commonsense bills sponsored by FPC.

AB 2229, authored by Assemblymember Shannon Grove, would have waived the 10 day wait period if the gun purchaser passed their background check and was either authorized to carry a concealed firearm, possessed a valid Certificate of Eligibility, or owned a registered firearm to pick up a purchased firearm.

The Chair went as far as to silence the voice of Assemblymember Grove when she tried to explain the merits of the bill. They literally turned off her microphone to shut her and the 2nd Amendment down!

AB 2508 by Assemblymember Devon Mathis would have allowed handguns to be reinstated to California’s diminishing Handgun Roster if it did not fail a safety test, allowing the handgun manufacturer to make necessary improvements based on customer feedback and supply chain changes.

Although they were faced with a thinning roster that has had no new handguns added to it, the Public Safety Committee would not allow this reasonable measure through because the guns would not incorporate microstamping. As you know microstamping is a technology that doesn’t exist.

Even though today was not as advantageous as we would have liked, we still know that we can beat these anti-gun bills and politicians.

Keep up the fight and make sure your voice is heard below. The Chair of Public Safety can’t turn off your microphone.