The banks want to take your guns to make amends for the recession they started.  

Via the Santa Ynez Valley Star: 

Santa Ynez business owner Gabriele Santi was left frustrated and bewildered when his local bank branch abruptly closed his accounts.

He said he walked into his local Rabobank branch recently and was handed a letter stating that the bank was terminating the accounts for his business, the Second Amendment Gun Shop in Santa Ynez.

“I have never had an incident with Rabobank and this came as a shock, quite literally. I am usually a loud guy, but I was quiet,” Santi said.

According to the bank’s letter, “we are required by federal law to exercise due diligence and understand the financial transactions of our customers. When we are unable to meet the standards imposed by law, we have to take appropriate action to reduce risk to the bank.”

“I literally have no idea what that means. I haven’t broken any laws. In fact, I supply most of the local law enforcement with their guns and ammunition, and this decision is just political,” Santi said.

Rabobank declined comment on Santi’s situation, saying they couldn’t discuss matters about customers because of privacy concerns.

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