The Secret Gun-Ban-Hearings Bill is ALIVE and MOVING!

With only days left in the 2017 Legislative Session, Salem elitists are running a last ditch play to ram through one of the most egregious violations of gun owners’ civil rights we have ever seen in Oregon.

SB 719, which was “gut-and-stuffed” to allow gun owners to be disarmed through secret judicial hearings based on unopposed testimony, was passed out of the Rules Committee and on to the House Floor on July 3rd--- when they thought no one was looking.

Despite a robust and well articulated opposition from gun rights advocates and Rep. Mike McLane (R-Powell), the elitists in Salem rammed this bill through to the floor.

With just days left in the 2017 session, this is an all hands on deck alert. Please contact the Oregon House of Representatives immediately and express your opposition to SB 719